Connecting Providers

Referral Management Made Easy

ConnectedMD provides a unique back office product portfolio (ConnectedMD™ Office Solutions) designed specifically for medical communities and physician to physician communications. These services provide the core functionality to allow physicians and their staffs to communicate dynamically like modern, larger enterprise businesses. The ConnectedMD™ Office Solutions treats physicians and their referral relationships and communities as essentially large enterprises providing true ROI and staff and work flow efficiencies.

Our services use enterprise accepted and proven technologies! We harness the power of big business and technology and provide world class service to providers around the country.

    Secure Email

    ConnectedMD™ SecureEmail–Secure 128 bit encrypted HIPAA compliant Exchange 2014 hosted email environment. Share medical records, exported PDF's, laboratory results etc… with all ConnectedMD subscribers.

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    Secure Instant Messaging

    ConnectedMD™ Secure Instant Message–Secure 128 bit encrypted HIPAA compliant Office Communication Server integrated environment. Securely chat with specialty care and primary care Physicians.

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    Secure Schedule Sharing

    ConnectedMD™ Secure Schedule Sharing–Secure 128 bit encrypted HIPAA compliant Schedule Sharing environment. Schedule sharing allows specialty and primary care Physicians to share schedules and streamlining work flows throughout referral networks.

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