best small blender for smoothies

Where to Get the Best Small Blender for Smoothies


Small blenders or personal blenders are amazing buys if you are tight on space, finances or if you like your smoothies and power shakes on the go. However, you can also find conventional or high-performance blenders that are more compact if you are looking for a feature-rich blender that can make more than just smoothies without taking up too much space. Whichever blender you are looking for, there are a few considerations to make to ensure you get the best small blender for smoothies, that fit all your needs.


Features to Look for

Size: Personal blenders tend to be compact but if you want a small conventional unit go for something that is less than 17” to save space. The amount of accessories and attachments that come with a model also contribute to size as it will determine how much storage space is needed.


Container: Choose a container with legible measurements and a wide mouth for easy loading and cleaning. It is also important to consider the material of the container as glass can break easily while plastic is lightweight and more durable but stains easily and absorbs odors and needs thorough cleaning to prevent odors.


Power, speed and controls: These features all promote convenience and precision and are determined by your blending needs. You’ll need a different blender or different power and speed settings to make a puree as opposed to a smoothie and will therefore need to take this into consideration when buying.


Once you have figured this out you will be able to choose the best small blender for smoothies or any other blending needs. Power blenders will provide the best precision but are generally more expensive. Brands like Vitamix, Ninja and Greenis have amazing products to choose from and you can order straight from their websites such as the official Greenis site or from Amazon. Personal blenders from the same brands are also well recommended for versatility and performance